A big moment! In any artist’s life, first exhibition is a big moment.
And  here’s my moment. My first exhibition takes off on May 6th in Bengaluru.
It’s been a pretty interesting journey from a sleepy town of Kundapur(near Udupi in Karnataka) to the vibrant Mumbai’s media scene. The journey is also about the quest of a young  kid, from a small town, for any cartoon-related info in pre-internet age to the twitter-age, when the challenge is in picking the right info.
Just to keep the show relevant, I have picked the recent cartoons. The works to be exhibited in Bengaluru, are mostly the recent ones and they don’t have lots of caricatures also (I love doing caricatures). May be in the next exhibition I will plan to make the show comprehensive.
Here’s an invite to the exhibition which starts from May 6th and will be open till 19th May.
Do drop in to the exhibition, have a look and leave your feedback. If you happen to visit the gallery during  6th, 7th or 8th May, you may bump into me! Would love to meet you and discuss your viewpoint.
This is my personal invitation to each one of you. Be there to share my big moment.
And big thanks to everyone for bringing this big moment!

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Maoists say sorry for train attack!

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Mr Fails Cartoon

Hi all,

I would like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Mr Fails.

He is an excellent tester but he's gone through a rough time of late. With his permission, I have written a short biography, please read his story here.
 Mr fails would like to know if you have any feedback on the eBook. You can leave comments in the STC blog site, on this post or you can email me. All feedback is appreciated :o)
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Robo Animals

In testing we can be bombarded with the notion that test automation is best. I recently read an article saying all manual testing can be replaced with a new test automation tool – what craziness! I can’t wait for someone to say all developing and coding can be automated too! 

Test automation does have its place though. When a tester is repeating a step or task while testing, it’s worth investigating if that can be automated. Sometimes, writing quick and dirty automated scripts can save a lot of time. For example, when testing a web app, I often use a record and play back tool to log into the app, once logged in, I can carry on with manual testing. I can re-do these steps as many times as needed. Once the testing is finished, I throw away the automated script. At other times, for a large testing project, it’s good to invest in a test automation framework if you expect to run the same checks over and over again as regression tests.

Yet test automation always has flaws. One major flaw is the fact the automation can only check for what it is programmed to check. For example, if it is checking the login screen is displayed, it will check for this but won’t check whereabouts on the screen it is displayed, what colours, what font it is using or whether anything else is displayed on the screen.

Another flaw is that test automation can be brittle. A developer changing the layout of a screen may generate a false positive in the test automation. The tester will need to spend some time investigating why it failed and then update the script. All this adds to the maintenance costs.

From my experience, the biggest flaw is that test automation doesn’t find many bugs, and the bugs it finds don’t tend to be critical bugs compared to those found through manual testing. The main reason for this is that test automation is typically used for regression. The application has been manually tested in the past and most of the bugs have been identified, a test automation script has been developed to give confidence that the application has not regressed. One positive use for using automation is that regression testing is still required but can be and is boring to most testers – as it’s repeating the same tests executed previously without much hope of finding new bugs.
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The Caption

In a recent post I asked if you could guess what my original idea for the cartoon was. I received loads of feedback about the cartoon which made me think I should do more posts like it.
Today's cartoon is missing the caption/s. Can you suggest any ideas? You could come up with a the title, a subtitle or a (or a couple) of speech bubbles from the bugs. Give it a go and leave a comment. I'll update the cartoon in a few days with my favourite response.

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How a developer feels

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Room Surprises

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